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ResQmax™ Launcher (Part #500)
The ResQmax™ line thrower is specifically designed to throw a line or an auto-inflating sling and retrieval line to an otherwise inaccessible point. The safety mechanism is "always on," resetting automatically when a projectile is inserted.
Folding Stock (Part #703)
A folding stock is standard for greater accuracy of deployment and serves as a convenient carry handle in the collapsed position.
Sling Projectile (Part #301-S)
The Sling Projectile will deploy an auto-inflating flotation sling and retrieval line to a victim in the water. The auto-inflatable sling is fitted with a water-activated device which inflates the sling automatically on contact with water, providing sufficient buoyancy to support a 300 lb / 136 kg victim.
  Line Projectile (Part #300-S)
The Line Projectile will deploy a variety of line over a range of distances, depending on the service pressure and the type of line used.
Red Training Projectile (Part #305-S)
This projectile is designed for repeated use when deploying a line from the launch point to a hard surface. The high density urethane protective cover reduces "bounce" upon landing making it ideal for RASing, UNREPS, or training operations.
  Luminescent Training Projectile (Part #306-S)
This projectile is similar in size and performance to the Red Projectile. The luminescent cover emits high initial brightness and long afterglow for night operations. The cover can be excited quickly by daylight, incandescent, fluorescent, or ultraviolet light and can be recharged indefinitely.

Streamline Filler Hose (Part #91x)
The Streamline Filler Hose is used to deliver compressed air from a high-pressure air compressor, an SCBA tank, or a SCUBA tank to a projectile. This provides the "charge" for the projectile. Please ensure that your Streamline Filler Hose is equipped properly for your source of compressed air.


Ropes / Lines (Part #s below)
The ResQmax™ line thrower can be supplied with a variety of ropes or lines. The standard rope offerings include Dacron (Part #805), Spectra (Part #803), Polypropylene (Part #808), and Polyspectra (Part #806) in various diameters and test strengths.

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Cordura Kit Carry Bag (Part #906)
The rugged Cordura fabric carry bag is designed for durability and convenience. The bag features two external and one internal zippered storage pockets, reinforced water-resistant vinyl bottom, and reflective strips.


"Pelican" Transport / Storage Case (Part #908)
An unbreakable, watertight, dust-proof, chemical-resistant, and corrosion-proof transport / storage case made of Ultra Impact structural copolymer. May be adapted to fasten to the rail of a vessel.