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ResQmax Line Thrower
The ResQmax™ line thrower is the essential tool for water rescue. Varied in its applications, the ResQmax™ can deploy a wide variety of lines to distances up to 400 ft / 122 m. Because the ResQmax™ is a non-pyrotechnic line thrower, it does not require special storage, shipping, or licensing. This pneumatic line thrower replaces traditional pyrotechnic line guns with an intrinsically safe option. The system is powered by compressed air and the components can be reused, making line-throwing training an inexpensive operation.
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New York City CBS News – June 29, 2010
Berrien County, Michigan FOX News – June 15, 2014
Need information about the Original Rescue Rocket line throwing device?
Please Note: The Original Rescue Rocket was replaced by the ResQmax in 2004.
Parts and Servicing for the Rescue Rocket are no longer offered.
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Pneumatic Line Thrower
The Tactical ResQmax™ is the line thrower specifically designed for the tactical world of line-throwing. As with all the ResQmax™ line throwers, the Tactical ResQmax™ is modular and can be used with a variety of accessories for horizontal or vertical line deployment. When equipped with a grappling hook, a climbing line can be deployed to vertical distances up to 110 ft / 34 m, and a tactical ascending ladder can be deployed to vertical distances up to 50 ft / 15 m. Entry points which would otherwise be inaccessible can be breached with ease for method of entry and ship-boarding operations in both land-based and maritime environments.
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Grapnel Launcher
The Assault Launcher Max (ALM) is the most rugged and farthest-reaching line throwing device offered. The ALM body is cast from 356-T6 Aluminum for the best weight-to-strength ratio. When equipped with a High Pressure Projectile the deployment ranges are almost doubled. The housing is inert to seawater and can be used in land-based operations as well as surface and subsurface maritime environments to throw a line only, a grappling hook with climbing line or ladder, and/or the SF40 Running Gear Entanglement System (RGES).
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Pneumatic Pole Replaces Wind Up Pole
The VerTmax is a family of light-weight pneumatically-extending telescopic poles designed to deliver a grappling hook and ascending ladder for use in acoustically covert urban method of entry and marine ship-boarding operations.  The extended length of the pole is controlled by the amount of compressed air released from the reservoir, making each VerTmax telescopic pole infinitely variable in height over the length of the pole.  Poles are buoyant, allowing for later collection by a recovery team in maritime ops.  These systems may also be adapted to deploy antennae or wireless cameras.

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Pneumatic Pole Replaces Wind Up Pole
The EyeMax Wireless Audio/Video Surveillance System is an optional accessory for the VerTmax Telescopic Pole and allows the operator to “Know Before You Go”. The day/night camera is battery powered and completely wireless, transmitting the audio/video signal up to a distance of 450 ft. The receiver is self-contained in a waterproof, dustproof, and chemically-resistant case, displays the video signal on a 7” LCD screen, and records up to 16GB of video on the built-in DVR.

Running Gear Entanglement RGES


The Running Gear Entanglement System (RGES) Product Line was developed in cooperation with the US Coast Guard, the US Navy, and the UK HOSDB, to provide non-lethal means for interdicting a wide range of propeller-driven vessels.  The Running Gear Entanglement System (RGES) products are the less-than-lethal boat-stopping solutions with a broad range of applications and various modes of deployment.  RGES has evolved to include the ability to interdict both small, high speed boats as well as larger displacement hull vessels.  The product offerings for boat-stopping include Static RGES Barriers, RGES Payloads which use an ResQmax or ALM Launcher, and Towable or Manually Deployed RGES solutions.

For additional information, please contact Rescue Solutions International, Inc. at info@resqmax.com.
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