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ALM Grappling Hook Launcher

The ALM is the high performance line thrower specifically designed for tactical teams. The rugged aluminum launcher is manufactured for use in the most extreme maritime and urban environments to deploy a line, a grappling hook and climbing line, or a grappling hook and tactical ladder for method of entry and vessel boarding from surface or subsurface locations. The ALM is the ultimate tool for tactical teams requiring boat-stopping equipment when used with the RGES (Running Gear Entanglement System) SF40 payload.

  • Utilizing a patented air-thrust technology, the ALM is non-pyrotechnic, reusable, and refillable.
  • Launcher housings are cast from 356-T6 Aluminum for the best weight-to-strength ratio. The ALM barrels are powder-coated black for covert operations and have a lifetime guarantee against all hazards.
  • 4,500 psi / 310 bar service pressure line projectile.
  • 3,000 psi / 207 bar service pressure line projectile.

MAXimum Distance
The ALM is capable of deploying a 3,200 lb test strength line horizontally up to 330 ft/ 100 m. The ALM can deploy a 7.0 mm climbing line with a grappling hook vertically up to 165 ft / 50 m. A 65 ft / 20 m Tactical Ladder and grappling hook can be fully deployed by the ALM.

MAXimum Safety
The safety mechanism is "always on," resetting automatically when a projectile is inserted.

The projectile's "Push-Click" engagement allows easy reloading, even in the dark.

A pressure relief burst disk prevents unsafe pressure build-up that could result from exposure to extreme heat.

Each launcher is fitted with a luminous pressure gauge for close visibility at night.

MAXimum Performance
Multi-Shot Capacity.
The patented nozzle valve permits any number of projectiles to be precharged and stored with the unit, allowing deployment of multiple projectiles in rapid succession.